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  • 4" x 4" Silicone Treated Parchment Paper Squares (2000 qty.)

4" x 4" Silicone Treated Parchment Paper Squares (2000 qty.)

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Our American-made parchment paper squares are ideal for packaging extracts. These genuine vegetable parchment paper squares are safe for food contact and treated with silicone on both sides making them a superior non-stick paper. You can rest assured knowing your paper is as high-quality as your extracts!

Warning: Silicone may be incompatible with products derived through butane-based extraction processes as well as products containing high concentrations of terpenes such as d-limonene. Using silicone containers to store these types of products may result in product reactions.

Additional Information

Material Vegetable parchment, silicone
Size 27#
Dimensions 4" x 4"
Color White
Quantity 2000
Style Concentrate sheet
Features Double-sided silicone coating, Made in USA
Use With Concentrates, edibles