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Better for Your Business, Your Customers, and the Environment


Similar affordability and performance compared to stock plastic and paper packaging

Product innovation

New offerings with the same levels of customization you’ve come to expect

Social responsibility

Set the example of a higher standard and build social equity with your customers

Waste reduction

Reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your business

Our Sustainable Packaging Partnerships

Kush Supply Co. empowers forward-thinking businesses with sustainably produced packaging. Gain access to fully customizable product lines that are biodegradable.

Sungrown Packaging (Paper Boxes and Inserts, NOW AVAILABLE)

Sungrown Packaging is crafted from recycled materials which are 100% recyclable and compostable. The printing process uses water-based coatings and soy-based ink. Packaging that reflects the quality of your products in an environmentally friendly way.

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IEKO offers a full line of 100% commercially compostable, non-toxic, and reliable packaging engineered to create sustainable solutions. Providing the most sustainable packaging solutions to businesses that positively impact people’s lives.

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Why Is Kush Supply Co. Offering Sustainable Packaging?

"It’s our responsibility to reimagine our products today to ensure the viability of our planet tomorrow. Customers are demanding environmentally conscious solutions for their everyday packaging needs. Innovative alternatives to plastics and other materials destined for the landfill are the future of our customer’s everyday packaging."

Nick Kovacevich, CEO, Co-founder & Chairman of KushCo Holdings, Inc.

"Partnering with KushCo furthers our mission in bringing the cannabis industry an environmentally safe option. All our products are fully state-to-state compliant and many are child-resistant and customizable to our clients’ needs."

Whit Everett, Chief Executive Officer of SunGrown

“Partnering with KushCo gives us the ability to continue to develop the next generation of renewably resourced, zero-waste packaging materials and we are thrilled to be partnering with a company that shares our commitment of 'do no harm'.”

Bob Meers, Chief Executive Officer of IEKO

A Proactive Approach to Sustainability

As leaders in the regulated cannabis, hemp & CBD industries, we are taking initiative to give alternatives that offer sustainability to achieve the larger objective of taking care of our environment and community.

If you have any questions or are unsure about whether switching to recyclable or compostable packaging, our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to discuss your sustainable packaging needs.

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