Produce High Quality Concentrates with Ultra High Purity Hydrocarbons & Solvents

Kush Energy is your premier source for isobutane, n-butane, propane, ethanol, premixes, custom blends, dry ice, and other solvents for safer processing, harvesting, extraction, & more.

Reliable Service and Expedited Delivery

Kush Energy is equipped to meet coast to coast demands. We offer fast turnaround and convenient on-time nationwide delivery. Regardless of where your market is, we always have a reserve of gas for delivery at a moment’s notice.

Enabling Businesses to Acquire the Best Hydrocarbons

Kush Energy has the top tier hydrocarbons & solvents you need to produce high quality extracts. Gain more control over your application, without relying on unknowledgeable supply shops or inexperienced industrial gases companies.

  • ✓ Butane

  • ✓ N-butane

  • ✓ Isobutane

  • ✓ Propane

  • ✓ Ethanol

  • ✓ Isopropyl Alcohol

  • ✓ Denatured Alcohol

  • ✓ Dry Ice

  • ✓ Hexane

  • ✓ Pentane

  • ✓ Heptane

  • ✓ Custom Blends & more

Quality in, quality out. It’s the material and solvent that counts

Refined hydrocarbon solutions that are colorless, odorless, and contaminant-free. Helping you maintain consistent product without the impurities.

We include a certificate of conformance (COC).

Ultra high purity hydrocarbons & solvents that meet & exceed purity standards (99.5% +) for a cleaner product and better yields.

Our products are made in the USA.

It Doesn’t Matter How Pure Your Product Is Unless You Put it Into a Clean Cylinder

We are the only cannabis industry supplier to offer stainless steel tanks compared to the standard high carbon steel. High carbon steel for other industries is standard but vulnerable to wear & rust from use during extraction.

Kush Energy's industry-exclusive stainless steel tanks virtually eliminate the potential that contaminants and impurities end up in your final product.

Our new stainless steel tanks are available in standard LP239 cylinder sizes:

  • ✓ Resistant to rust

  • ✓ Less brittle

  • ✓ Wear resistant

  • ✓ Does not react from exposure to air or moisture

  • ✓ Pre-cleaned before being filled

Rely on having a steady supply of gas

Avoid operational downtime with service you can depend on. Our consistent, scalable product supply means you can accurately respond to consumer demand, optimize operations, and maximize profits.

Process a wide variety of final product

Our gamut of extracts specific gases are used to make every type of product on the market, giving you the ability to create and add new sales channels.

Elevated standards throughout

Our stringent quality assurance and inspection standards help you ensure safety & compliance with all mandatory regulations throughout the entire process.

Increase Your Output and Productivity with Reliable Hydrocarbons & Solvents

Avoid gas provider bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency. When you need a reliable partner look no further than Kush Energy. We can service all your needs when it comes to gas and solvents...and beyond.

Quality & safety are our #1 priority

We go above and beyond food grade standards for the safety of our customers and consumers.

Reduce risk with compliant deliveries

Specially trained hazmat drivers help ensure your product always arrives safely at your facility.

Rapid delivery direct to your worksite

Stop driving hundreds of miles just to fill up on gas. We can deliver to your location, nationwide.

Easily restock with repeat deliveries

Need multiple cylinders a week? Lock in your gas order with scheduled, automatic deliveries.

Your Single Source Provider for All Things Gas & Beyond

Continuing our promise to be your one-stop shop, Kush Energy provides for all of your needs as an extractions lab. As a key distribution partner with ExtractionTek Solutions, JUSTRITE™ safety systems, and National Marker™, we can ensure your team is outfitted with the latest in lab equipment, safety, and security.

Closed Loop Extraction Equipment

ExtractionTek Solutions is the leader in hydrocarbon closed loop extraction equipment for compliant, safe and legal extraction processes.

Safety Storage Lockers & Cabinets

JUSTRITE™ is the top source of storage, handling, security products for hazardous materials, and specialized storage products.

Facility Safety Identification Products

National Marker™ takes care of all the little things you need for a compliant facility like safety signage, security lockout kits, hazmat labels & more.

What Customers Say About Us

"Kush Energy is always stocked, has great customer service and competitive pricing. They are great for all our gas needs. We usually receive delivery next day."

Kevin Haberman
Nomad Extracts

"The communication between me and Kush Energy is amazing and their response time is always prompt. They are always flexible when we ask for unique requests!"

Randy, Lead Processor
Alternative Medicine Association

"It was a pleasure to find a hydrocarbons supplier that truly understands our business."

Greg K.
Extraction Specialist

"Our relationship feels like a partnership, I can rely on them to deliver on promises."

Trisha L.
Facility Operator

"Excellent communications from start to finish, quality product, and on-point delivery."

Jade H.
Extract Processor

Synonomous with Expertise and Performance

Kush Energy, a division of Kush Supply Co., provides extract producers with ultra high purity hydrocarbons and technical expertise to grow their business. We offer precision engineered gas supply systems and the high-quality services needed for optimum results.

Our depth of knowledge, nationwide distribution, and commitment to solutions is unrivaled in the industry. With dedicated facilities, accredited testing, and state-of-the-art logistics, Kush Energy has the solid infrastructure to power and grow with your concentrates business. Contact us and see the difference.