CCELL® M6T10 1.0ml Press-on Plastic Vaporizer Cartridge Base - 1.5mm Aperture (100 Qty)

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About the CCELL® Plastic Cartridge:
  • Easy open-top filling
  • Compression closure
  • Leak-resistant
  • Pair with any CCELL® Plastic Cartridge Compatible Mouthpiece
  • Quality craftsmanship and high standard of QA/QC
  • High-quality custom printing available

Please reach out to our experienced team for help understanding which hardware configuration will work best for your products. Sample are available upon request.

CCELL® patented ceramic heating element is optimized for high viscosity extracts. It quickly and evenly distributes heat throughout the coil for consistently smooth and powerful hits. Top extract producers from around the industry trust CCELL® for their proven quality. CCELL® is the perfect platform to enable the pure flavors of their concentrates.

CCELL® cartridges are crafted with medical-grade materials. You can trust their quality, durability, and safety. CCELL® goes the extra mile by baking their ceramic in house, which eliminates the risk of toxic emissions, flaking, and unwanted contaminants. Their dedication to quality control is unparalleled.

Additional Information

Material ThermoPlastic
Dimensions 44.66mm (height) x 10.65mm (diameter)
Color Clear with silver hardware
Capacity 1.0ml
Quantity 100
Style CCELL® M6T10 plastic cartridge
Features 1.5mm Aperture pairs well with intermediate viscosity formulations such as live resin and some rosin
Coil Type CCELL® Ceramic
Threading Standard 510
Use With CCELL® M6T Cartridge Mouthpiece and CCELL® 510 thread batteries