What is the new Kush Bottles Price Bundling Program?

After weeks of testing & modifications to our pricing structure, we are proud to announce an industry revolutionary change to how we tier pricing and how it will instantly provide you savings! Not seen anywhere else in the industry, Kush Bottles brings you our new price bundling program where you are able to earn a bundling discount as you add items to your cart. The greater the variety of products from different categories are added, the larger the discount you unlock.

How it Works

Our team of developers has created a proprietary algorithm that takes into account a variety of factors to display your earned discount. Its simple and easy: browse the website and add a variety of products to your cart. The key is the quantity and variety of product categories you add. You earn additional saving for each category you add. That’s it! See how much you’ve saved in the total box.


Not sure how to bundle? Grab some glass cartridges and add pre-roll tubes. Concentrate packaging wouldn’t be the same without labels and tamper seals.

Why Did We Do This?

Our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for any and every package, container, bag, lid, jar you would ever need. We strive to have our warehouse locations strategically placed to serve the emerging cannabis businesses as efficiently as possible. Because of our scale, our relationships with our USA based manufacturers, and our direct relationship with our overseas manufacturers, we are equipped to supply your business's needs better than any other packaging and supply company serving our industry today.

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