Syringe Black/Clear Barrier Bags (100 qty.)

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Our black and clear barrier bags are designed specifically for packaging syringes. These mylar bags are are heat sealable for tamper proofing, but do not include a tear notch for extra child-resistant protection when heat sealed. Our barrier bags are sturdy with a wall thickness of 4.5 mils. The zip-locking mechanism allows the bags to be closeable after opening. These bags have an opaque, black backing with clear front.

Additional Information

Material Metallized polyethelyne
Dimensions 8.5" x 2.76"
Color Black, clear
Capacity 1 syringe
Quantity 100
Style Barrier Bag
Features Tear notch, zipper, heat sealable
Thickness 4.5 mils
Use With Flower, concentrates, edibles