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Tin Slider Concentrate Container BIG BOX (250 qty.)

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Looking for a high-end and unique way to package extracts? Our tin sliders offer just that. These durable tins are perfect for shatter or rosin. Simply place your wrapped product inside the tin and slide to shut. Our tins can be branded on both the top and bottom, so you’ll have plenty of room to showcase your product exactly how you want. These tins perfectly pair with our Lift Off Sheets, that do NOT react with high-terpene products!

Additional Info

We have increased our box size to allow for more convenient shipping. You will pay the same amount per container, but you save on shipping!

Additional Information

Material Tin
Color Silver
Capacity 0.5 - 1.0 gram
Quantity 250
Style Concentrate container
Cap Style Slider
Use With Flower (small pre-rolls), concentrates